Older Americans Act (OAA) State Performance Report (SPR) and Older Americans Act Performance System (OAAPS): Technical Documentation and Training Resources

The Administration for Community Living (ACL)/Administration on Aging (AoA) has redesigned the Older Americans Act (OAA) State Program Report (SPR) to reduce the reporting burden for State Units on Aging (SUAs) and Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) and to streamline the overall reporting process. The new data collection is called the State Performance Report (SPR). It is scheduled to be implemented in October 2021 (Fiscal Year 2022), when Title III state grantees will begin collecting using the new SPR form. The grantees will submit FY 2022 data into OAAPS in January 2023.

The new reporting tool for the SPR is named the Older Americans Act Performance System (OAAPS). ACL/AoA will use OAAPS to monitor performance data and collect information on OAA Title III and VII (Chapters 3 and 4) programs and activities. States will submit their annual performance report data by either using a template (provided below) to upload the data or directly entering the data into OAAPS. The Exploratory Testing Site is now available at: https://www.oaaps-pilot.acl.gov/app/dashboard.

Technical Documentation

The technical documents, including definitions and descriptions of and a crosswalk between new and old data elements and information on uploading files, are available at: https://www.oaaps-pilot.acl.gov/app/Resources/techDocs.

Training Resources

OAAPS users can find training resources on how to access and use OAAPS on the OAAPS Resources page, under the Reference Materials (https://www.oaaps-pilot.acl.gov/app/Resources/refMaterials) and Recorded Training (https://www.oaaps-pilot.acl.gov/app/Resources/webinars) subsections. These resources include:

  • OAAPS User Guide: provides information and instructions on the OAAPS system, including user management, data reporting and submission, data review, and analysis reports.
  • Quick Reference Guides: high-level documentation for on-demand access. OAAPS topics include: OAAPS system overview, user management, data reporting and submission, data validation, and analysis reports. SPR topics include: high-level changes to the SPR, quick facts about the SPR/OAAPS, and reference sheets for who to contact.
  • Recorded Trainings: a collection of videos about the new SPR and OAAPS. OAAPS topics include: how OAAPS came about and where it is going, system overview, user management, data reporting, data validation, data submission, data review and approval, reports. SPR topics include: ACL’s vision for OAA data collection and reporting and high-level changes to the SPR.
  • Training Videos: 3-10 minute how-to-videos demonstrating how to complete specific activities in OAAPS, such as activating an account, generating a report, and entering SPR data into OAAPS.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: a compendium of frequently asked questions and their answers for on-demand answers to common user issues for both the New SPR and OAAPS.